The Scotts Kid - Ride Across the USA

A message from our Sales Manager, Joe Goodwin:

April 30, 2018

I just wanted to share with you something that is very important to me:

My 63 years young Dad left on his bicycle this morning to ride across the country to California, down the coast, and then back to Ohio. He retired last week and has been planning this trip for some time now.

His hopes are to raise an extremely large amount of money to donate straight to Pelotonia and their mission to end cancer. He will say his biggest challenge is raising the money to make a significant impact- not the actual ride.

He has gone to many large businesses and even all of the major news stations in Columbus- and most just aren't that interested in either donating or spreading the word publicly for whatever reason. This has not discouraged my Dad!

Anyway, if you would please donate to his cause it would be extremely appreciated. Or if you can post the link below on your facebook page that would be awesome as well!! This link goes to his blog that he will be updating frequently on his journey.

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